Ships Blog 10th March 2023

Morning folks and welcome to the Ships Blog. Meteorological winter ended on February 28th, hard to believe in view of the current weather situation. We have been lucky at Shotley with no snow but the wind is currently in the north and bitterly cold. However a respite is in view over the weekend as temperatures recover a little by Sunday and Monday. Strong winds are also forecast for Monday with gusts up to 40 knots from the south west. The yard crew are out again today making sure all the boats are secure,  checking lines and fenders.

A major issue for a lot of boat owners over the last year has been the lack of supply of gas cannisters. It transpires a number of the standard size cannisters will no longer be available and have been withdrawn. More info can be found at

Duty lockmasters this weekend are Colin Byford and Andy Howard. High Water Saturday is 14:06 3.91M and Sunday 14:41 3.82M. Have a good weekend.