Ships Blog 11th October 2016

Morning another chilly start which seems to be the theme for this week although there is the possibility of some changes on the way for the weekend and next week. Looks like the blocking high to the east of us will move away letting Atlantic fronts to pass over the UK. Some dates for the diary. The marina dredge looks to be commencing from the 28th of November and will last from about four to six weeks. Operationally the main area to be dredged will be from fairway C to the G linear pontoon. This is the main area of deposition of silt that comes in through the lock on each freeflow. The amount of silt is regularly monitored here at the marina. Elsewhere the Suffolk Boat Jumble takers place at Trinity Park Ipswich on the 23rd October and Clarke and Carter are holding their Used Boat show at Suffolk Yacht Harbour from 28th to 30th October.