Ships Blog 13/5/2014

Welcome to Tuesday’s Ships Blog. Overcast with light winds at the moment, 10 knots across the Control Tower and about 8 knots on the Landguard gauge. Forecast is for the wind to stay in the east for rest of today and to generally warm up as the week goes on. Weekend also looking promising weather wise. In the yard a lot of the boats are now back in the water. The main number of boats still out of the water is on the brokerage line for Clarke and Carter Ltd who are doing a lot of business this year. Note for your diaries, this coming bank holiday weekend (24th to 26th May) we have a lifeboat collection going on at the lock, probably for both Saturday and Sunday. The lifeboat from Harwich will be coming over on Saturday 24th from 12.00 to 14.00. Visitors are welcome to go on board and have a look around and ask any questions.