Ships Blog 13th November 2015

Welcome to Friday’s Ships Blog. Well so far a very mild October and November. That’s about to change this weekend with a brief cold snap and temperatures pushing well down into single figures for a couple of days before warming up again next week. More importantly is the series of depressions coming in from the Atlantic at the moment, storm ‘Abigail’ being one of them and the associated gale force winds. The forecast wind direction is predominantly from the west or north west which means the marina is sheltered in this direction. Suffice to say the lockmasters have been round and make sure all the boats are tied up properly. Over the weekend the duty lockmasters are Mark Taylor and Rob Devonshire so if you have any concerns don’t hesitate to give them a call here at the Control Tower. On another note winter lay up forms have already been sent out to every one. If you need your boat out of the water sooner rather than later, get the completed form back to us as soon as possible