Ships Blog 13th October 2016

Morning all. Windy today coming from the south east and still feeling chilly. The theme for the next five days is for the wind to swing around to the south and then into the west by next week. We should also see a bit more sunshine early next week as well. Saw the following news item on the East Coast Pilot, of interest for those that visit Maldon by water!

Heybridge Basin lock to close for the winter (19th Sept 2016)

The lock accessing the very popular Heybridge Basin is to have a major refurbishment this winter and will be closed permanently from November 1st this year until March 31st 2017. Lock Keeper Grant Everiss told us that “all being successful, we will be able to lock more efficiently with a choice of locks to suit different sizes of visitor groups, lock choices being short, conventional and long. This should enable us to control water use and therefore levels more efficiently.”

Today’s picture is of the Trinity House ship ‘Patricia’ working in a stormy looking Harwich Harbour.