Ships Blog 1/4/2014

DSC_0102-600-x-400 DSC_0099-600-x-400Morning and welcome to Tuesdays’s Ships Blog. Beautiful day today with bright sunshine and the temperature already climbing the thermometer. The sunshine continues for tomorrow but not much wind about for the whole of the week, no good if you want to sail but great for the fishing boats and motor boaters!

We are still on Spring tides and today’s predictions are:

HW 13.46 4.17M and LW 19.22 0.30M so predicted depth of water over the sill will be 1.8M at low water.

In the yard the lads, Andy and Craig are busy launching more boats. Going in today so far are ‘Frejya of Orwell’, ‘Charisma’ ‘Samphire and ‘La Boheme’. On the way to work we managed to get a snap shot of the mist over the fields adjacent to the village of Shotley and the river Orwell.