Ships Blog 14th November 2014

Morning and welcome to Friday’s Ships Blog. Its been a wet and blustery start to the day although it appears the weather front has gone through now. Forecast for the weekend looking overcast but relatively little wind so looks like one for the fishermen. Andy and Craig busy in the yard lifting boats and moving boats temporarily whilst the pontoon piles are being extended. Over half of the piles have now been done with the remainder hopefully being completed in the next couple of weeks. The final piles to be extended  will be the three supporting the outside waiting pontoon at the entrance to the lock. Miriam will be posting the renewal letters for next years berthing today and they will be with you all next week I expect. Do let us know if you have a change of plans or would like to do something different. Last weekend as you will all know was remembrance Sunday. A service was held at the sea wall by the Ganges Association and Mark one of our lockmaster helped with the spreading of ashes of former servicemen from HMS Ganges.  Finally to advise you that we will be pressure washing all the pontoons over the winter period to keep the green slimy stuff at bay. Have a good weekend. PS Please note at the bottom of our website front page we have added a link to the Environment Agencies website for flood warnings over the winter period.