Ships Blog 15th August 2017

Morning all and welcome to the Ships Blog for mid August. Mixed bag of weather at the moment but things looking better towards the end of the month just in time for the bank holiday weekend! Couple of reminders for everyone. Firstly we have our berth holders party on the 16th September. Forms have been sent to all the berth holders. There is a £5 deposit required which is refundable on the night. Secondly our waste collection service have had a number of issues where our recyclate bins have been contaminated with unsuitable items. Notices have been put up advising what can and cannot be put into the red/brown topped bins. For example old tins of anti fouling paint are not suitable for recycling and are in fact hazardous waste which should be disposed of by the user appropriately. Finally one of the boats in the marina appears to have experienced an indirect lightening strike, I know it sounds strange but the rigging was not destroyed. However the antenna at the top of the mast was blown away, there were scorch marks at deck level and all the electronics on the boat were effectively destroyed. Next time you are on board your vessel can you please check all your electrical equipment to see if it has been affected.