Ships Blog 16th September 2014

Morning and welcome to today’s Ships Blog. The lock closure that took place last Friday went well with two rams being replaced for the ground sluices. Today after a foggy start the sun is now breaking through and is now quite warm for the time of year. As part of our ongoing maintenance program we have had the first of several lorries deliver some rock armour for the north end of the marina wall. This is to further help to protect our sea wall from the winter storms. Last Friday we had an unusual visitor to the outside waiting pontoon. The ‘William Riley’. She is a 105 year old lifeboat, which famously tried to rescue passengers from the Rohilla when she ran aground off Whitby 100 years ago – it was recently featured on the BBC programme Coast. The Woodbridge Branch of the RNLI were doing a Three Rivers Row to help raise money for the charity.