Ships Blog 17th April 2015

Morning and welcome to the Friday Ships Blog. Cool and breezy here this morning with some sunshine breaking through. The wind is in the east at the moment blowing around 13 to 18 knots. This seems to be the forecast for the next few days as high pressure is dominating the situation over  Scotland. The harbour has been busy today so far with Egret the Harwich Harbour Authority survey working over the Shotley spit. Also seen in the harbour is what looks like a brand new Oyster from up the river probably doing sea trials. Tonight at the Shipwreck we have the East Coast Retros car club on their monthly rally. Tomorrow we welcome the Haven Ports Yacht Club with around fifteen boats for Saturday and this morning we are launching seven Ajax class boats normally berthed at Woolverstone. Finally we can advise that the approach channel to the lock has been dredged again by the Harbour Authority to two metres below CD removing any lumps and bumps that had developed over last season. Have a good weekend.