Ships Blog 17th June 2022

Morning all and welcome to the Friday Ships Blog. Warmest day so far with the temperature already in the late twenties here in Harwich Harbour. The sea breeze has kicked in  helping the the wind build into a good force four. For tomorrow Met are saying, ‘Mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain, turning heavy at times with a risk of thunder. Likely remaining hot with hazy sunshine in the far southeast, feeling significantly cooler elsewhere. Blustery. Maximum temperature 26 °C’. Lets hope there is not too much rain! Main event of the weekend is the Essex and Suffolk Festival of the Sea based largely in Harwich. There will be a parade of sail starting at the Bristol buoy and going round the Harbour. The weekend crew will be lockmaster Colin (Biff) Byford on day shift and Marc Gilbert covering the night duty. Mim will be here driving the front desk. We have two clubs visiting us. They are the Northern Rivers and Ipswich Haven. We expect to be busy so visiting berths will be at a premium. Call us on the day and we will do our best for you. Have a good one!