Ships Blog 18th July 2014

Ships Blog can report today that England successfully beat┬áBelgium during the North Sea Petanque Challenge Match held at Shotley Marina. It was a savage 8 – 2 victory! More importantly we welcomed KYCN Club Nieuwpoort to an evening of friendship and some fun with a game or two of Petanque. Weather today very warm with the wind in the east blowing around 14 to 16 knots on the Landguard sensor and about 12 to 14 knots here across the Tower. There are some thundery showers possible tomorrow but like all these things there is some uncertainty where they will develop. Don’t forget next weekend is the Harwich Festival of the Sea. There will be an exclusion zone imposed for a short period during the afternoon of the 27th July while the RNLI/Airsea Rescue demonstration is going on, see Notice to Mariners No24 from HHA. Have a good weekend!