Ships Blog 19th August 2015

Finally some sunshine today after a very miserable day yesterday with 12 hours of rain! Yesterday we welcomed the East Coast Old Gaffers Association for an overnight stay as part of their summer cruise. Some thirty nine boats stayed with us rafting up on the G linear and in various other parts of the marina. Many also enjoyed a meal in the Shipwreck ably provided by Janey and the team. Hopefully they will be returning again next year for another visit as part of their itinerary. Forecast for the next few days a  little changeable which seems to be the norm now for the summer holidays, hopefully some good weather again for the weekend. Don’t forget to get your replies in for the BBQ on the 5th of September, make sure they get to Mim in the Control Tower. Finally Martin our workshop manager is on holiday for two weeks so if you have any queries please direct your call to Guy Wallhead who is covering for Martin while he is away.