Ships Blog 19th Feb 2016

Well here we are half way through February already. Although you don’t feel like it right now but the season is rapidly approaching. I know its been pretty cold of late but soon it should hopefully be warm enough to start the fit out for the season. Easter is early this year (March 25th is Good Friday!) so if you need anything done to the boat by Martin Kendal our workshop manager then its best to book him and the workshop earlier rather than later on. We had a successful lock closure at the end of January with all the maintenance tasks completed on time. We have a slight leak from one of the gate penstocks which may need a mini clock closure for two to three hours while our engineer Gary makes some adjustments to the rams etc. Building work continues apace on the Shipwreck B & B rooms with opening scheduled for May. One of the spins off’s from this new enterprise is the fact that breakfasts can be offered by the Shipwreck from an earlier time in the morning than the present 10 o clock onwards. Couple of dates to note for your diary, weekend of 21st and 22 May ‘Push The Boat Out Weekend’ being put on by Shotley Point Yacht Club. There will be a Marquee with some stalls and the yacht club will be offering trips for prospective sailors. There is also talk of one or two other clubs from other marinas joining us as well over that weekend. I will keep you updated as things unfold. Secondly the 9th July has been set as the berth holders BBQ with the Next Generation Steel band joining us again, hopefully for a slightly warmer evening than last year! Todays picture from this mornings frosty start.