Ships Blog 19th January 2015 No2

Please see below notice received from the Cruising Association re a Crew evening at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club:

CA Crewing Service Meeting

Saturday 28th February at Royal Harwich Yacht Club,

Orwell Room

An informal opportunity to learn about this service.

Are you, the Skipper, ever short of Crew?

Are you, the Crew, in need of a Skipper, so you can have the joy of sailing,

add miles or gain experience?

Come to hear about the Crewing Service.

CA Members and non-members all welcome

Explore the mutually advantageous opportunities, the pitfalls of having/being a stranger on board, and how to make clear & practical arrangements

Plan of the Day

11.00     Coffee and biscuits

11.30     Colin Penn to introduce the Service

11.55     Skippers to take turns to introduce themselves, their plans and their needs

12.25     Crew to say what they are looking for

13.00     Bar open and lunch available, so more time for conversations between Crews & Skippers

The purpose of the day is to help Skippers find crew for the next season and for crew to find a skipper who will help them to achieve their goals (week-end sailing, mile building, coastal cruising or going foreign).

And to find out the questions you need to ask to have a successful arrangement.

Whatever the reason skippers & crews get together, they sometimes make life-long friendships.

For this introductory day, the meeting is open to all CA or RHYC members and anyone else interested in finding a crew or skipper.

If you do not find a match on the day, but you are interested, then it will be possible to sign up:

for crew the cost is £20 per calendar year; skippers have to be a member of CA.

There is no charge for this meeting, but it would be helpful for planning & catering if you could let RHYC office know if you wish to come  Tel 01473780319