Ships Blog 19th May 2015

Mid May already and the season well under way. Summer officially starts on 1st of June, we just wish it would start warming up some time soon! Windy today with the wind in the west blowing a approximately 10 to 15 knots across the marina, however at Landguard Point it is a little stronger at 25 knots. The bank holiday weekend is approaching fast and the forecast is looking favourable. No strong winds in the offing, northerly on Saturday going westerly on Sunday and Monday. A big reminder for everyone our berth holder Chris Ball who helps a lot with the RNLI is having a lifeboat weekend here at the marina. Both the offshore and inshore boats will be moored here at the marina from 11am to 2pm on each day. There will be a collection lockside for the RNLI and Miriam in the Control Tower will be baking and selling cakes as well. So bring the children or grandchildren down to see the boats and crew. Chris is also offering rides in a Rolls Royse with any donations again going to the RNLI, so should be good day out for everyone!