Ships Blog 4th January 2021

Happy New Year to all our berth holders. Ok so it was a rubbish year in 2020 – lets hope 2021 is a bit better for all of us ie. the forthcoming vaccines will release us from the clutches of the various lockdowns and restrictions so we can fully enjoy our boating again. Although we are in Tier 4 at present the marina remains open and fully operational. The duty lockmasters were working over the whole of Christmas keeping an eye on all the boats. Brexit has gone through with no blockades from the French fishermen however things will now change with regard to visits to and from the Continent. So apart from the usual documentation, sales invoices and proof of VAT status will likely have to be kept on board your boat when cruising foreign waters. As we learn more we will let you know. A good source of info at the moment is the RYA. Finally our webcam and weather station are down at the moment having been damaged by a power outage. We will have it up and running very shortly.