Ships Blog 26th August 2015

Ok so the weather is pretty rubbish at the moment with a fairly drawn out frontal system making its way across the South East. The harbour here in Harwich looks bleak with very few boats about apart from the ferries and one school boat. But, do not fear things are looking up for the weekend! At the moment once this system is through today the pressure gradient slackens ┬ámeaning less wind and some better weather for the weekend, so keep those fingers firmly crossed. With the tides this weekend we are moving towards the top of Spring Tides which means free flow here at the marina lock will be towards midday over the bank holiday weekend. Tomorrow and Friday sees the Clacton Air Show going ahead despite the tragedy in Shoreham that is so much in the news at the moment. So there you have it, have a good bank holiday weekend! Today’s picture was taken during the winter looking at the Control Tower, things could be worse, it could be freezing and snowing!