Ships Blog 26th August 2022

Morning and welcome to the bank holiday ships blog. Weather forecast looking favourable the whole weekend with temperatures in the late teens and into the early twenties. Wind forecast is force four sometimes gusting 5, easterly or north easterly so may be a little cooler on the coast than of late. Plenty of boats have already locked out this morning for the Clacton Air show. The Red Arrows will be featuring again with their display at around 13:00 hrs local time. Tides this weekend are Saturday HW 12:51 3.87M, Sunday 13:25 3.95M and bank holiday Monday 13:57 3.99M – so plenty of water about.

This weekends crew are Mim on the front desk, Rob Devonshire day duty lockmaster and Andy Howard covering the night shift. As ever please be careful on the pontoons and wear a lifejacket when you are underway in the marina or transiting the lock. Have a great weekend!