Ships Blog 28th March 2024

Morning all and welcome to the Easter Ships Blog. This year Easter is very early and despite this the new season launch program is well underway. The weather is a mixed bag with Storm Nelson tracking through today. Otherwise its sunshine and showers. Colin and the crew have been out checking all the boats and making sure they are they areĀ  tied up properly and have enough fenders.

A reminder, can we have the registration numbers of the cars that you will be using when you visit the marina. Also if you have not got your security codes for the marina’s facilities, please stop by at the Control Tower and we will give you a copy.

Safety ladders – can you please ensure that these are kept in safe an useable condition. On a number of occasions we have found fendering and lines attached to our escape ladders. These render them useless and could endanger someone’s life if they fell in and subsequently could not climb out.

On duty over the weekend is Andy Howard duty lockmaster day shift and Colin ‘Biff’ Byford on the night watch. Have a good Easter!