Ships Blog 28th October 2014

Good afternoon and welcome to the Ships Blog. Sunny start to the day but now a little overcast, wind from the south and blowing around 15 to 20 knots in the harbour, probably a little more outside. We have started to increase the pile lengths in the North Basin of the marina with the main basin being started probably tomorrow or Thursday. The lads Andy and Craig plus the lockmasters are busy daily with the moving of boats to allow the work boat access to the piles and at the same time to protect our berth holders vessels. The yard crew have asked to remind every one to be careful when parking beyond the barrier as the winter lifts have begun and they need daily access for the travel hoist. If in doubt always grab Andy or Craig and they can advise where best to park your cars. Alternatively the staff in the Control Tower can always help. This brings us neatly onto the lay up forms. Miriam has already sent these to you. Please fill in as soon as possible if you want to book your place ashore for the winter. Also on the website there is an electronic lay up form which can be submitted directly to Miriam to save time. Watch this space!