Ships Blog 29th July 2022

Afternoon and welcome to the Ships blog for the 29th of July. The school holidays have now kicked off and the sun is out for the weekend. Forecast winds for the weekend are force three to four so should make a pleasant weekend for everyone. HW Saturday is 13:48 3.85M and Sunday is 14:21 and 3.88M. The duty lockmasters are Rob on dayshift and Andy Howard on night watch. As we are now entering the busiest time of the year with the schools holidays can we remind everyone to be extra careful when on the pontoons and also when locking in and out from the marina. It is recommended that everyone wears a lifejacket when underway in the marina and transiting through the lock inbound and outbound. Also consider wearing them at night when walking about on the pontoons.

And finally thank you to the thoughtless individual who decided it was ok to leave bottles of contaminated diesel in containers by our bins at the G-K bridgehead. This has caused the marina staff extra aggravation with their disposal. If anyone ever needs advise on the disposal  of waste materials please can they contact the Control Tower in the first instance. In the meantime folks, have a great weekend!