Ships Blog 30th April 2021

Morning folks and welcome to the first May bank holiday of 2021. Shotley Point Yacht Club are headed of to Harty Ferry for a weekend cruise. The forecast is looking reasonably good with a mixture of sunshine and showers. It won’t be tropically warm, that comes later in May hopefully! As usual, Bank holiday Monday sees some deterioration in the weather. The summer scrub deal starts on the first of June and goes through to the end of September. Prices are £16.50 per metre for a lift, hold scrub and relaunch, £23.50 per metre for a lift, scrub off and two weeks ashore. We already have a number of bookings for early June so please do not hesitate to call us on 01473 788982 if you want to book one. Colin, Rob and Mark are your duty lockmasters over the bank holiday weekend. Have a good one and enjoy yourselves.