Ships Blog 30th September 2022

Afternoon and welcome to the last Ships Blog of September 2022. There is a deep Atlantic depression moving across between Scotland and Iceland bringing wind and rain this evening and through the night. Tomorrows forecast is still for strong winds but more in the way of sunshine and showers. Time to get the brollies out! We have had some complaints of people fly tipping tipping in the Marina’s bins. If you as a berth holder see anything suspicious please contact the Control Tower. If it continues then we will have to lock the bins during certain periods. The nights are starting to draw in so please be careful on the pontoons at night, wear a lifejacket when going ashore or going to the boat at night. We are currently servicing all the light units in the marina making sure all the bulbs and photocells are working properly. If you spot any not working please let the Control Tower know as soon as possible. Have a good weekend.