Ships Blog 5th June

Afternoon and welcome to the Ships Blog for Friday 6th June. Changeable week weather wise so far. Howling gales on Tuesday which brought the tow in of a yacht from one of the moorings opposite the Admiralty Pier. ‘Rival of Shallee’ broke her mooring and came up against the pier before being dragged of by the Haven Authority Harbour Patrol boat ‘Haven Hobby’. Tuesday and Wednesday were a complete contrast with sunshine and very little wind and consequently plenty of people out on their boats. Alex and Janey in the Shipwreck had a busy evening last night with the East Coast Retro Car club turning up on┬ámass for a rally. ┬áToday we have thunderstorm and torrential rain this morning but the forecast is for it to dry up and the outlook for the weekend is looking very sunny. Top of spring tides today so we have plenty of water in the marina for the weekend. Woodbridge Cruising club are visiting us tomorrow evening with about eight boats. The harbour ferry is now running seven days a week with the new owner Christian prepared to take bookings, even for evening runs. Have a good weekend!