Ships Blog 7th August 2014

Afternoon and welcome to the Ships Blog. With the School holidays kicking off in July we have been very busy with visitors. Current estimates show that we have had 11% more visitors than last year.The warm weather clearly has had a positive impact getting people out on their boats, long may it continue! Talking of the weather things look to be a little changeable for the next few days with the tail end of hurricane ‘Bertha’ making its way towards the UK. The Met office are still a little unsure as to whether it will make landfall on the UK mainland or go to the south of us. Shortly we will welcome back the catamaran ‘Alexandra II’ after her circumnavigation of the UK going clockwise. BBC East and the East Anglian Daily Times are on hand to welcome the owner Mr Martin Soons and to discuss the trip. Recently we have also welcomed a number of work boats and survey vessels here at the marina using us as a convenient stop over whilst they work in the Thames Estuary.