Ships Blog 7th January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to the first 2015 Ships Blog. Hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking froward to the longer days ahead and the new season. Grey and overcast here at the marina today with the wind steadily building this afternoon. Current forecast for the next few days looking a little lively with a couple of quite intense depressions about to hit the northern part of the UK. As usual we will check the boats and keep an eye out for any tidal surges. At the moment no flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency. Last Sunday was busy day for our lockmaster Colin Byford. During the afternoon a thick blanket of fog rolled in from the sea which caused a number of fishing boats to have problems getting back in to the harbour. Harwich Lifeboat was deployed to tow some in whilst others just followed on in their wake. A fair few ended up at Shotley Marina because they couldn’t find their way any further up the river Orwell! Finally a much anticipated arrival took place this lunchtime with Cscl Globe berthing on Trinity 8 and 9. She is 400m long and has a draught of 15.7m.