Ships Blog 7th October 2022

After a windy week things calm down a little over the weekend. Temperatures a little cooler next week although still generally warm for the time of year. Don’t forget it is the Harwich Shanty Festival this weekend. We are already booked up with clubs this weekend, namely Bradwell Cruising Club and Haven Ports Cruising Club, so space will be at a premium. If you like old shanty songs – this could be your thing! Following this at the end of the month we have Halloweens and the clocks will go back as well on Sunday 30th October at 2am. Colin Byford is duty lockmaster this weekend on days and on nights will be Marc Gilbert. Tides, Saturday HW 11:21, 3.86M and Sunday 12:07, 4.02M – so we are heading to the top of Spring Tides which actually occurs on Tuesday 11th October. Have an enjoyable weekend.