Ships Blog 8/5/2014

Morning all and welcome to the Ships Blog for Thursday. The weather is pretty gloomy today with some wind and rain on the way. Current wind speed across the Tower 10 to 15 knots, South Westerly. The Languard Gauge is showing 17 to 23 knots. Outlook a bit changeable for the next few days but after the weekend we should see an improvement. On a different note our lockmaster Colin ‘Biff’ Byford has a son who is doing a sponsored run for ‘Children with Cancer UK’. Callum has already raised over £500 and Collin has asked if any one would like to make a donation it would be gratefully received. Give us a call at the Control Tower 01473 788982 or email and we will put your name on the sponsor form. Diesel and the Continent, we made a trip over to Holland and Belgium last week on a 42 foot yacht from the marina and whilst we had all the correct paper work on board we did not see any one from customs in either country, interesting in view of all the fuss being made on the boating forums!