Ships Blog 9/5/2014

Morning and welcome to Friday’s Ships Blog. Beautiful day at the moment in the harbour although a little breezy, currently averaging 15 – 20 knots across the tower. The Landguard sensor is showing approx 21 -29 knots and building. From the forecast I think its a case of batten down the hatches for the weekend. The yard crew and the lock masters will keep an eye on the boats. Don’t forget we are running training days for every one to practice boat handling, picking up buoys and MOB. Give us a call at the tower on 01473 788982 to arrange a date. Finally a reminder that the Summer Scrub deal begins next month, lift, hold, scrub and relaunch £13.75 per metre inc VAT and lift, scrub, storage ashore for a week and relaunch (includes cradle rental) £20.00 per metre inc VAT. Have a good weekend!