Ships Blog 14th January 2015

Morning all and welcome to the Thursday’s Ships Blog.  Its been a lively week weather wise with several Atlantic depressions making their way towards the UK giving us plenty of wind and rain! Going into next week the pundits are forecasting a cold snap and it certainly looks to be getting cooler over the weekend and into next week. There are no tidal surges forecast at the moment and there probably wont be any for this week as we run into the neaps part of the current tide cycle. With all the wind about in the last few days the lockmasters have been out checking the boats and all of them seem to be ok. Please note the ablution block in the marina basin has been closed for refurbishment work for approximately four to six weeks. The main task in hand will be to to remove the vinyl type flooring in the shower cubicles and replace it with tiles. On a different Geraint Pugh a berth holder here at the marina and resident of Shotley village is going to run the London marathon this year to raise money for PHAB kids. PHAB stands for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied Kids. His target is £2000 and needs all the help he can get to raise this money. You can donate online at or contact him on Finally the Cruising Association have been in conact with me regarding a Crewing service event they are holding at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club Woolverstone. The date is the 28th February and is designed to put crews and skippers in touch with other. A gentleman called Colin Penn is organising it and more info can be found by emailing or getting in contact with RHYC.

Ships Blog 9th December 2014

Cold start this morning with frost on the pontoons. If you are down at the marina over the next few days may be to check your boat or to stay on board please be careful and maybe wear a life jacket whilst going to and from your boat. There are a few hardy fisherman out this morning but otherwise the harbour is empty, not a sail in site! Beautiful sunrise this morning over the harbour but as the old saying goes ‘red sky in the morning, then something about shepherds!’ Date for your diary, 21st February 2015 there will be a quiz at the Shipwreck. Geraint Pugh from the Shotley village and a berth holder at Shotley Marina will be running The London Marathon in 2015. He is hoping to raise £2000 for PHABKids or the Physically Handicapped  and Able Bodied Kids charity. All the berth holders from the marina are welcome to join Geraint in this event to help him reach the target of £2000. You can also donate through or contact him on