Ships Blog 18th May 2017

At last a beautiful day here in Harwich Harbour, wind is southerly blowing 8 to 10 knots with a sea breeze developing as the day goes on. Forecast for tomorrow looking a little damp with showers most of the day. The weekend forecast however is alot better with some sunshine and light breezes from the south. Shotley Point Yacht club are running an RYA Push the Boat Out initiative on Saturday 20th. This a day designed to encourage people to come along and try a day out on the water. SPYC will also be running their Crew Poole Day which is a new initiative to put crew and skippers in contact for day trips and cruises. Next month three SPYC members, Talora, Baltic Cloud and Goldfinch will be leaving Shotley Marina to circumnavigate the UK returning in the Autumn. No doubt there will be plenty of farwel parties! Fianlly we have ten new trollies available for people to use when moving their baggage etc to and from the boats.