Ships Blog 21/3/2014

Morning and welcome to Friday’s Ships Blog. The sun is shining and there is nice force 4 breeze in the harbour. Forecast looking good for the weekend although a little cooler than of late. Still it should still be good for getting down to the marina and getting some work done on your boat. Boat movements today in the yard, ‘Arion’ launched, ‘Footloose’ lifted ashore for some maintenance. Plus ‘High Five’ due to be launched by this afternoon. Colin ‘Biff’ Byford one of our lockmasters has been out and about with his brush again, this time its the walkway across the inner gates of the lock that’s been receiving some attention! As a number of you will appreciate we have revamped our website and would like to advise you that this process is still ongoing for another week or two, so please bear with us. Discussions with our website developer have high lighted issues where old browsers such as Safari on PC’s etc are being used. These are more vulnerable to hackers and identity fraud than more modern and up to date browsers such as Google Chrome. Have a good one and enjoy your weekend!