Ships Blog 24/3/2014

Afternoon and welcome to Monday’s Ships Blog. A cool but very bright day in the harbour with plenty of sunshine. Forecast looks good for tomorrow as well  with more sunshine and looks generally fair for the rest of the week. Here is today’s Inshore Waters Forecast:

Gibraltar Point to North Foreland

For coastal areas up to 12 miles offshore from 1200 UTC Mon 24 Mar until 1200 UTC Tue 25 Mar

24 hour forecast:

Wind Southeasterly 3, increasing 4 or 5, backing easterly later.
Sea State Mainly slight.
Weather Rain later in south.
Visibility Good.

Outlook for the following 24 hours:

Wind Easterly 4 or 5, backing northerly 5 or 6.
Sea State Slight or moderate.
Weather Occasional rain at first in south.
Visibility Mainly good.
Movements in the yard include the launching of ‘Mary G’, and ‘Barn Owel’ whilst ‘Wild Dream’ has been lifted  and laid up ashore for the owner. Website development is continuing with a new berth application form available. We are currently sourcing a new weather station as  the current one is quite old and nearing the end of its working life. Our new website has been designed to be Ipad, tablet and smartphone friendly and hence more up to date with current technology.