Ships Blog 22nd June 2018

The weekend cometh and it looks good. We welcome this weekend Ipswich Haven Marina with their sail in company. Nineteen boats are booked in for Saturday night. We also have some boats coming from the Westerly Owners Association as well. Forecast is not too shabby eitherĀ  with some sunshine about tomorrow and temperatures reaching around 21 degrees mid afternoon. Winds are mainly westerly on Saturday going round to the east on Sunday so it will be a little cooler in the latter part of the weekend. Your duty lockmasters this weekend are Colin the Biff Byford (days) and Mark Taylor covering the night watch. Have a good one!





Friday Morning

Breezy whitecapping conditions with moderate choppy seas. Small short period wind waves.
Seas: N 0.5 meters at 3 sec.
Winds: NNW 12 to 16 knots

Friday Afternoon

Light winds with a slight chop. Small short period wind waves.
Seas: NNE 0.6 meters at 6 seconds
Winds: N 9 to 12 knots