Ships Blog 8th June 2018

Morning all and welcome to the first June weekend. Again we are blessed with a good forecast with light winds predominantly from the North East. Most of the sunshine will be around on Sunday. Our end of season bash for the berth holders has had a slight adjustment to the date, it will now be on the 8th of September as opposed to the 15th. Hope you can all still make it. Your duty lockmasters this weekend are Rob on days and Ben doing the night shifts.






Forecast Friday 6/8


Light winds with a slight chop. Small short period wind waves.
Seas: NE 0.3 meters at 4 sec.
Winds: N 7 to 9 knots


Light and variable winds with smooth seas. Small short period wind waves.
Seas: NE 0.2 meters at 3 seconds
Winds: ENE 6 to 8 knots

Tides Harwich Fri 8th Jun 2018

Tide Time Height

Low 01:03 (0.86m)

High 07:26 (3.35m)

Low 13:31 (1.22m)
High 19:48 (3.31m)