Ships Blog 23rd August 2023

Morning all and welcome the Ships Blog for the bank holiday weekend. Forecast for the bank holiday looking to be a mixed bag of sunshine and showers, a few may be thundery. Wind strength predominantly force 3 to 4 west or south west. Tollesbury Cruising Club will be visiting us over Saturday and Sunday. We have to advise that we will be experiencing Neap tides over this period so if the lock is busy the marina water level may get quite low at times. The duty lockmasters will be keen to conserve water and will therefore expect to have a maximum number of boats in each lock transition. Please be patient with them as it may take longer to fill each lock with boats. To help mitigate the situation a pump will be used to help maintain water levels. In other news, it is the Clacton Air show this weekend. Your duty lockmasters are Andy Howard days, and Marc Gilbert on the night shift. Ellie will be on front desk. Have a good one.