Ships Blog 9th June 2023

Afternoon folks and welcome to the first Ships Blog of June 23. Weather is warming up for the weekend with wall to wall sunshine. The wind is still in the east or north east and has been in that direction since the end of April! Lets pray for a change by next weekend. The capital dredge that is taking place in the Harbour for Felixstowe Port will continue until the end of July. This has put a lot of silt up in the harbour and has been quite noticeable. The entrance channel to the marina has been dredged three times and is now at two metres below chart datum. Whilst on the subject of dredging we are in the planning stages of dredging the marina over the coming winter. Depending on our MMO license application and dredger availability this could be as early as October 2023 Q3/Q4. As things go along along we will keep you informed. This weekends duty lockmasters are Rob on days and Marc covering the night shift. Ellie will be driving the front desk. Have a great weekend.