Ships Blog 26/3/2014

Morning and welcome to the Ships Blog. Below is today’s nautical phrase.

Scuttlebutt: a cask of drinking water aboard a ship. A “butt” being the wooden cask and “scuttle” being the act of drilling a hole in the butt (tapping the butt). Sailors would often gossip while they drank by the scuttlebutt. This has since lead to the term becoming synonymous with “gossip” and “rumours”.

Sunny at the moment over the harbour but we have some rain in the forecast by lunchtime although it probably will not last too long. Tomorrows forecast looking similar with perhaps a little more sunshine in the morning . Today’s Inshore Forecast:

Gibraltar Point to North Foreland

Strong winds are forecast

For coastal areas up to 12 miles offshore from 0600 UTC Wed 26 Mar until 0600 UTC Thu 27 Mar

24 hour forecast:

Wind Northerly or northeasterly 5 or 6, becoming variable 2 or 3, then easterly 3 or 4 later.
Sea State Slight or moderate.
Weather Showers then rain.
Visibility Moderate or good.

Outlook for the following 24 hours:

Wind Easterly 3 or 4, occasionally 5.
Sea State Slight or moderate.
Weather Rain or showers.
Visibility Moderate or good.
Wednesday’s tides: HW 07.00 3.40M  LW 13.20 0.93M  HW 19.39 3.29M 
Also in the harbour this morning there is the Dredger ‘Shoreway’ clearing the box berths on the Trinity docks at Felixstowe as well the main channel. They will be working here until approx the 8th of April. In the yard the Andy and Craig are hoping to launch a Bavaria called ‘Sparrow’ and lift ashore ‘Magazine’, and Sylva’. Finally a Yachtmaster Quiz question, Which IALA buoyage system is used in the Philipines? Answers on tomorrow Blog.